A bit of background to catch you up if you are new to Me (Martine),

or the Courses and Membership I am creating that will teach you how to

make your own Templates

In the reMarkable and GoodNotes landscape

there are many who are asking for customised Templates

and Hyperlinked Planners and Documents...

We like things exactly the way we want them, am I right?

(well, I know I do 😂😬😆)

So I'm currently working on a couple of solutions to help out

in this space ("The Vault" is finished YaY!!!)...

so my question to you is

How Hard is it to

find the Perfect Template

for your business and/or personal use?

Most people hunt around the digital template landscape and find a version of what they need in an online shop (awesome! - and yes I actually have one of these online shops) but when they go to use their templates, they inevitably findtweaks’ or changes that they want to make so that it can be the ‘perfect’ template for what they need

and yes, I do regularly get requests for these customised changes -

- these changes to templates are a legitimate step in getting organised

and getting setup in your Digital Space

(i.e. reMarkable or iPad/Goodnotes etc)


did you know that you can make your own instead?

I Love Making Templates 😬

- these days I make Templates for my Etsy Shop (@wholeheartedme)

but I’ve been making my own 'template pages' for the last thirty years ­­
—even when they weren’t a “thing!”

I remember when we had ‘paper diaries’ and MSWord had just hit the market — it was then that I decided to use MSWord to make my own ‘diary pages’ just so that I could have them 'EXACTLY' as I wanted them 😂 -wow I didn’t realise it back then but I was {about­­} 15 years before my time (i know, i'm a 'tech-head' early adopter😆😅😬)

So here are the solutions that I'm currently building...

There are two levels of learning when it comes to making Digital Templates -

You can enter at the beginner level and make a one-page template that stands alone

(and this is super useful for heaps of stuff!),


you can go all-in and add layers of expertise by making a complex multi-page designed document

that has indexes and multiple layers of linking - we call this a hyperlinked digital template ~a.k.a. = the advanced level!

(definitely suited for those in business)

With the intentions of simplicity and clarity

and to make learning as efficient and time-saving as possible

here is a summary of the two options.

The First option is The Digital Template Kit (our beginner level)

and the second option is Template Genie (our advanced level)

here's an overview of The Digital Template Kit

The Digital Template Kit

is our (beginner) Course that will give you:

Template Training

(for 1-Page Templates)

Canva Training

we will be using the free version of Canva

for all of our design trainings

“The Vault”

not one template but hundreds of Done-For-You

and editable templates

When You Purchase "The Digital Template Kit", I am currently offering

2 (two) Months of Bonus Support inside of my current Membership

"That Digital Life"

this includes:

Live Coaching,

Q&A with Martine,

Tools, Templates & 24/7 support.

(with considerations for timezones and business hours)

and here's an overview of Template Genie

Template Genie

is our (advanced) Membership that will give you:

The (undated)

Journal Template Kit

(the fully Designed -styled, indexed, editable,

hyperlinked and ready to go Digital Journal)



(how to use the advanced functionality

in Keynote for all of our Hyperlinking)

Keynote Training

(we will be using Keynote for all of our

Hyperlinked Templates)

PNG Design Training

(Learn the design elements and features of PNG templates,

notebook covers and sleepscreens)

you will also


Q&A with Martine

Tools, Templates & 24/7 support.

(with considerations for timezones and business hours)

+ PLUS you get +

The Digital Template Kit

with everything it has including "The Vault"

Who will benefit from these two memberships? 

Both memberships are perfect for:

Work Professionals

(who need Meetings, Projects, Note Taking and ToDo Templates)

Recreational Users

(who need Planners and Journals and more individualised Lifestyle and Wellness Templates)

Business Owners and Solopreneurs

(who want all of the above ☝🏻😆), and


(who need Timetables and Note Taking Templates

and the ability to make their very specific templates)

Choosing between the two will really depend

on whether you need a one-page Template

or a more complex

Multi-Page Hyperlinked Template

that has indexes and multiple layers of linking

embedded into each Page…

but here's the tip 😉 — you will get absolutely ALL of it with "That Digital Life" ($7/month 😬)

“The Vault” is finished!

and now I'm recording all of the Tutorial Trainings -

- and it is looking A-M-A-Zing :) 
(check youtube because updates are coming)

... and — you can get on the "Im Interested" list below...

👇🏻 just go below and register your interest if you want to get the updates

and the early release info for either of the Courses

"The Digital Template Kit"

or "Template Genie"...

and if you want more info on

"That Digital Life"

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I'm so exxsxsxsciteddddd,

Martine 👩🏻


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